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A global community celebrating   confidence, visibility and grace

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A full day and night event with 300 UPFRONT women and non-binary folk. 12 incredible speakers - 
With Permission to GO DEEP


UPFRONT and Centre is an opportunity for like-minded women and non-binary folk to activate their confidence in a world that does not often prioritise our bodies, our rights, or our identities

This one-day experiential conference creates a space where women and non-binary people can intentionally gather in community to communicate their challenges, hold each other accountable, and hear from inspiring speakers


Activating grace
in a world on

The questions
we want to

How do you use grace to defeat perfectionism?
How do you use grace to lead yourself so you can lead others better?
How might grace fuel your growth and help you enjoy the ride?
What does gentle, imperfect, graceful activism look like?

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Our Speakers

Cecilie Fjellhøy
Speaker + Founder LoveSaid
1.1m PLAYs
Anti-racism coach at UPFRONT
1.1m PLAYs
Bec Evans
Writer, speaker + Author of Written
1.1m PLAYs
Mandu Reid
Leader of the UK's Women's Equality Party
1.1m PLAYs
Hera Hussian
Founder + CEO Chayn
1.1m PLAYs
*This talk has been cancelled*
1.1m PLAYs
Dr. Emma Svanberg
Perinatal Clinical Psychologist + Co-Founder Birth Better
1.1m PLAYs
Dr. Meenal Viz
NHS Dr + Activist
1.1m PLAYs
Dr. Yekemi Otaru
Co-Founder Doqaru
+ Chancellor of Uni West Scotland
1.1m PLAYs
Kajal Odedra
Global Communications Director Change.org + Author
1.1m PLAYs
This year'S theme

into Action

You've spent the last three years lurching from one unprecedented event to another

You're hungry for community, hope and real significant change

How can you show up in the world with less overwhelm and more confidence?


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Everything in our All
Gin tasting
Your time to DJ
Dance, dance and more dancing

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Your schedule

Kick-off at 9am. Close at 5pm. Party 7pm -midnight. Workshops, panels, keynotes, and UPFRONT conversations. Between sessions, you can browse the UPFRONT Marketplace, meet like-minded women, and so much more .

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A gentle start

A gentle start to your day. Settle in and Bond


Hosted by Nagela Dales - Dr. Emma Svanberg, Hera Hussain and Cecilie Fjellhøy talk about activism in a world on fire


Meet your host Kasey Robinson

Keynote: Cecilie Fjellhøy

Turning fraud into positive change

Keynote : UPFRONT & Centre

Keynote with Our Founder, Lauren Currie

Keynote: Retroactive Grace

Keynote with our Strategy Director, Nagela Dales

Workshop: Building a writing habit

How to build a writing habit workshop with author, Bec Evans

Gin Tasting

Time to kick-off our party and unwind with a Gin Tasting

Creative confidence

Poetry exploring the theme of grace

Dance Party

We'll end the day with the best dance party ever (where you get to be DJ for 5 minutes of fame)

An Extra Special Ticket
very Limited Availability
You're invited to join Lauren and Nagela
for dinner and drinks on the evening of
Friday 10th. We'll break bread together
over conversations on confidence, grace
and community. 7pm start.

Wondering if UPFRONT and Centre is
for you?

You’ve been criticising yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked as the motivational tool you hoped it would
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You are ready for growth with a lot more grace in the process
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You are exhausted from being on a self-help and self-improvement treadmill
Aenean nibh velit, feugiat eu leo ac, eleifend efficitur dui. Nullam viverra neque velit, nec facilisis leo accumsan ut. Aliquam erat volutpat.
You want tools and strategies for your ongoing growth journey that don’t just feel like hard work
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You need a burst of energy that can only come from being around people who are ready and excited to support you
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Barras Art and Design


We'll be gathering in one of the most unique and exciting historical areas of Scotland, The Barras Market in Glasgow.

A place full of art, colour, laughter and characters you won’t find anywhere else.

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We're an organisation on a mission to change confidence for 1 million women and non-binary people. We do this through Bonds (our 6 week online course), Global Bond (our community) and content. Thousands of women from over 50 countries have graduated from an UPFRONT Bond

Create virtually unlimited designs with Sapiens Agency template combine its multiple layouts.

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Meet the sponsors helping us to sprinkle surprises
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This year'S theme

Our Promise
to You

No bullshit
We'll give a damn.
We'll lead and create a space for vulnerability
Even if it means getting a little uncomfortable
We’ll keep it brave, kind and UPFRONT

Invite your leaders to
invest in you

The UPFRONT Bonds are the world's top choice for women and organisations that are interested in increasing their confidence. Use this template to ask you leader to sponsor your
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What to do in the case of dietary and any other needs?
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Will photos be taken at the conference?
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Is this venue accessible?
Can I breastfeed at this event?
Do I get a Bond 7 discount if I buy a ticket to this conference?
What do you mean by low income?
What do you mean by low income?

Hear from our




I can’t thank you enough. I feel like a different person. I’ve had so many lightbulb moments! Things I’d never considered because I’m shy, introverted, and not very creative. I’ve realised I just need to be me, and I can do that in so many ways.

“I joined because I feel I can offer more to the world. I spend too much time researching but never taking action”

I’ve struggled with confidence my entire life. I’m practically applying everything I've learned here to my everyday life. I notice a huge change already in the way I see myself and my understanding of why I grew up with such little confidence. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much, I know I will never go backwards from here, only forwards and I’m determined to spread the UPFRONT word and lift others up with me!

Join our confidence revolution