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Our Speakers

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Nagela Dales
Strategy Director UPFRONT

Turning insecurity into self-efficacy

Lauren Currie

Keynote: Changing Confidence , Not Women

Kasey Robinson
Anti-racism coach

Turning fragility into foundations for real change

Cecilie Fjellhøy
Speaker + Founder LoveSaid

Keynote: Turning fraud into positive change

Davinia Tomlinson
Founder Rainchq

*This session has been cancelled*

Dr. Emma Svanberg
Perinatal Clinical Psychologist + Co-Founder Birth Better

Workshop: Parenting for humans with grace

Hera Hussian
Founder + CEO Chayn

Panel :Transforming gender violence into safety and hope

Bec Evans
Author + Co-Founder Prolifiko

Workshop: Building your writing confidence

Dr. Yekemi Otaru
Co-Founder Doqaru

Workshop: The art of personal branding with grace

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Our Digital

Look at these glorious humans. Prepare to be inspired! And you get to watch the replays for 60 days after the event.

Dr. Meenal Viz
NHS Dr and Activist

Turning health inequality into activism

Kajal Odedra
Global Communications Director at Change.org + Author

Owning your story and your voice with grace

Mandu Reid
Leader of the UK's Women's Equality Party

Turning gender inequality into Equity

What you'll walk away with

A Clear Vision

By embracing your individual strengths and qualities and discovering your true self, you can create a clear vision for your future.


Learn the skills of self-love, personal branding, and emotional intelligence to boost your confidence. You'll gain the confidence to take on new challenges, speak up for yourself, and make your voice heard.


Discover the power of your voice and the importance of advocating for gender equality in every aspect of your life, both professionally and personally.


We're an organisation on a mission to change confidence and not women for 1 million women and non-binary people. We do this through community, courses, and content. Thousands of women from over 50 countries have graduated from an UPFRONT Bond.

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Hear from our




I can’t thank you enough. I feel like a different person. I’ve had so many lightbulb moments! Things I’d never considered because I’m shy, introverted, and not very creative. I’ve realised I just need to be me, and I can do that in so many ways.

“I joined because I feel I can offer more to the world. I spend too much time researching but never taking action”

I’ve struggled with confidence my entire life. I’m practically applying everything I've learned here to my everyday life. I notice a huge change already in the way I see myself and my understanding of why I grew up with such little confidence. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much, I know I will never go backwards from here, only forwards and I’m determined to spread the UPFRONT word and lift others up with me!

Join our confidence revolution