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Activating grace in a world on fire

What you'll get from UPFRONT and Centre

At UPFRONT we have an incredible track record of creating impact and this conference will be no different.

The average salary increase for a Bonder (a graduate of our programme) is 49%. The most common piece of feedback we get is 'life changing'. Bonders are more likely to apply for leadership positions and more likely to feel secure and confident in their role.

Anyone attending UPFRONT and Centre will get:

- An opportunity to gather with like minded women
- Conversations tackling the biggest leadership challenges women face today
- Lessons and strategies to enact a culture of radical candour and kind leadership
- Networking opportunities across a host of industries

I've designed the conference I've always dreamed of attending...  

UPFRONT and Centre will be full of love and fire, inspiration and insights, real talk and real action, creating positive change and finding the joy!

We'll cover key themes around financial liberation, anti-racism, parenting, male violence, women in politics and more.


The world needs a feminist overhaul. We live in a world that is painfully imbalanced. There’s huge inequality between men and women. There’s a huge abhorrent gap between white people and Black and brown people.

It is not okay that women are taught to feel less than… That we are rewarded for staying small, and “being grateful”. We are left out of the rooms where the quality of our lives is decided upon.

So, what’s the solution? How can we fix this? How can we create new power and change reality for the next generation of women and non-binary folks?

Join us and find out


We cannot talk about confidence, about our struggles as women and non-binary people under patriarchy without talking openly, honestly and even uncomfortably about whiteness and the role it plays in setting our intentions for doing our work with an anti-racist lens.

Regardless of where you are on your anti-racism journey, you will make progress at UPFRONT and Centre.

Politics and change

We all want to do something but where do we start? 

Our charity partner is Elect Her - creating a movement of women entering political parties to ultimately achieve 51% women representation in all spheres of politics.

You'll learn how small steps you can take tomorrow.

Hope and joy

How do we create change in a world that is on fire?

We make space for both, always.

You'll meet artists, poets and our very own choir.

Wait there's more.....

and Centre

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Hear from our




I can’t thank you enough. I feel like a different person. I’ve had so many lightbulb moments! Things I’d never considered because I’m shy, introverted, and not very creative. I’ve realised I just need to be me, and I can do that in so many ways.

“I joined because I feel I can offer more to the world. I spend too much time researching but never taking action”

I’ve struggled with confidence my entire life. I’m practically applying everything I've learned here to my everyday life. I notice a huge change already in the way I see myself and my understanding of why I grew up with such little confidence. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much, I know I will never go backwards from here, only forwards and I’m determined to spread the UPFRONT word and lift others up with me!

Join our confidence revolution